Why Choose Family Healthcare Solutions?

So why should you choose Family Healthcare Solutions as your healthcare representative? Because we understand how difficult it is for family members to be away from home, to take time off of work, destination expenses, and to understand all of the healthcare choices and events that can be frustrating, confusing, and stressful for family members and the patient.

You will see a difference in healthcare representation:

Our Clients and Patients.
• Our clients and patients are individuals with a right to quality healthcare that preserves their dignity, autonomy and comfort

Our Approach.
• We teach people how to overcome the frustrations and challenges in the healthcare venues through information, communication, and empowerment. We offer this with respect, compassion and hope.

Our Community Spirit.
• We pride ourselves in understanding the unique needs of our clients and patients in a continually changing healthcare arena by seeking new and innovative ways of being responsive. We pride ourselves in our creative and unique services offered through healthcare representation.

Our Staff.
• Our staff is a group of professionals who work very hard to provide reliable service for our clients and patients. Each of our Nurse Communication Liaisons are carefully screened and hand-selected by our founder and owners. We verify all licensure and references. All employees are bonded and covered by general and professional liability insurance.

Our Management.
• Family Healthcare Solutions was founded by a nursing professional, is owned and operated by nursing professionals, and is committed to excellence in compassionate service.


Service Plans

Golden Seal
This is our basic plan that includes an interview & visit, evaluation & assessment, education & documentation that will help coordinate healthcare team members (including physicians) input through our RN Communication Liaisons.
This results in giving the client the tools to be a beneficial advocate to assist in healthcare decision-making choices.
$300 flat fee

Silver Leaf
This plan will include all of the Golden Seal tasks with double the number of visits, evaluations, and assessments that will result in a longer timeframe utilizing the healthcare team members input to optimize the outcomes.
$550 flat fee

Platinum Wrap
This plan is designed for the more chronic healthcare situations that will require frequent visits, evaluations and assessments, along with interactions between multiple healthcare teams and physicians that will help coordinate multiple site admissions and discharges to enhance the clients healing outcomes.
$800 flat fee

If your healthcare situation requires the need to advance to the next service plan resulting in utilizing more than one plan, we will offer a 10% discount.

Family Healthcare Solutions also has the option of an hourly rate of $85 per hour for those clients that choose to personalize and customize their plans. Our Family Healthcare Solutions liaisons will provide frequent telecommunications and written documentation via mail or email with each contracted plan. It is our policy to provide each customer with personalized service satisfaction to enhance the outcome of your healthcare representation with confidence and professionalism.

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