Our Mission and Vision
Family Healthcare Solutions provide the personal touch in healthcare representation through Communication, Advocacy, Support and Education as you navigate through diverse healthcare choices. As a consumer in healthcare, you have decision-making empowerment through our services. Our commitment to you will be accomplished through our personalized attention and support; client advocacy; and education, information, and nurse communication liaisons. When needed, we can represent the family during their absence. We are there to watch over your loved ones when you cannot be.
Our Philosophy
We make our mission and vision a reality by fostering a spirit of high expectation and integrity, open communication, and participation from our professional and administrative support staff. Family Healthcare Solutions™ motto reflects our purpose and philosophy: We are The "Missing Link" in Healthcare RepresentationSM.
Our Values

We encourage and value:
• Open creative communication among all staff, associates and clients; listening and understanding in order to determine and validate wants, needs and possibilities.
•Honesty, integrity and reliability in all that we do and represent.
•Participation of associates and staff in the decision-making process; the concept of team synergy with the attitude that there is nothing we cannot achieve if we set our minds to it and work together. The team consists of all healthcare members, patient, family members and Nurse Communication Liaisons.
•Responsiveness, commitment and a sense of urgency to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of the client and healthcare professional.
•Associate participation in the creative development and implementation of innovative ideas that contribute to achieving our highest goals and objectives.
•All efforts to constantly lead the advancement and improvement of industry standards.
•Professional camaraderie and the relationships we establish with our clients.
•Leadership with vision, courage, integrity, persistence and insight.
•Superior quality and outstanding service that is outlined by our mission and vision, philosophy and values.

Our Founder

Cynthia Robinson RN, MSA is founder, President, and CEO of Family Healthcare Solutions.

Mrs. Robinson has over 20 years of diverse care-giving experience in clinical nursing, nursing research, and nursing management. Most of her clinical experience was in the ICU and Cardiovascular Critical Care arena. She also expanded her expertise in the alternative and complimentary therapies while seeking her PhD in Naturopathy and Natural Health. Cynthia has utilized her educational gifts for her community and clients through teaching self-help options with alternative therapies for breast cancer survivors and their support systems through the American Cancer Society.

As a graduate of St. Luke's School of Nursing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin more than 20 years ago, Cynthia expanded her educational degrees throughout her career to include her Bachelors in Health Arts and Sciences and her Masters in Health Services Administration from the University of St. Francis.

Cynthia has received certifications, honors and awards in nursing research, legal nurse consulting, and leadership recognition with Sigma Theta Tau. She is also certified, personally, through Dr. Boerstler in Co-Meditation application in palliative care.

Cynthia's passion for quality care and healthcare advocacy, along with all of her years of nursing experience, has been the inspiration in launching Family Healthcare Solutions.

Surgical Error Prevention System  Human error is an inherent part of human behavior and will always be present. Certain factors may increase the frequency of surgical errors, such as communication in the OR, fatigue of surgeons and/or their medical staff and other distractions. However, the BEST approach to patient safety and surgical error prevention would be to focus on a Surgical Error Prevention System as opposed to human error. If a simple, easy, system was in place, it would make it nearly impossible for human error to reach the patient and patient safety would be remarkably improved.

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